Colours Through The Camera

These are some of my favorite photographs from around the world. They all show pretty incredible skills of photography, composition, people, place and importantly colour…

_88804617_131019119048179586_malaysia_khairel_anuar_che-ani_1st-place_malaysia-national-award_2016-sony-world-photography-awardsKhairel Anuar Che Ani from Malaysia 

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 10.18.36.png马谦 (Ma Qian) from China

ffa358773d4435689f0e097cb9659f85Almalki Abdulrahman from Saudi Arabia

55efd4d316d23b1aa45bc1e3a940d7b1Olya Stolyarova from Belarus

_88804623_131020862870009977_uk_mike_odwyer_uk_2nd-place_uk-national-award_2016-sony-world-photogarphy-awardsMike O’Dwyer from England

0351109230bd41f8053dd8aeb6147ba8unknown (but captured in Vietnam)

5aa9ae163d13361b91b3b28a5d22d173Thomas Retterath from Germany

_88803825_131014917783997279_egypt_nader_saadallah_2nd-placeNader Saadallah from Egypt

7627ec43fad9f479e5e1a5e178630da3Steve McCurry from America

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  1. Evangelina07 says:

    I love photography as well and admire the work of those people. Thanks for sharing.

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