Children’s Shocking Responses To Gender Portrayal With In Fashion & Media

I recently discovered this project and found it pretty eye-opening. Though it added a comical spin on how women are presented within the media, it made me reevaluate my own perceptions of the purpose of these ad campaigns.

Yolanda Dominguez visited a school in Madrid and recorded the 8 year olds’ relations and responses to how women were portrayed in current fashion commercials. They were shown images of couture brand campaigns such as Dior, Marc Jacobs & Alexander Wang. Though it ‘is only children’ responding, their comments are honest and they were often shocked when looking at the images. This reaction reflects the unequal representation of gender not only in the fashion industry but also across modern society.

The women are seen as ‘stressed’, ‘sick’ or ‘on drugs’ whereas the men are perceived as ‘heroes’, ‘bosses’ and ‘well educated’. I belive this is a very successful project; not only does it make people question how both women and men are represented in the fashion industry but it does so in a warm and humourous way.

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