How Virtual Reality Is Switching Up The Music Industry

Music is a part in everybody’s life, whether it is simply heard in the streets and in TV adverts or if it is your everything and a day doesn’t pass where you are not lost in the tangles of your headphones.

Virtual reality however, has only slowly over the last few years began to enter our lives. You may not instantly pair music and VR together as virtual reality is commonly perceived to be a gamers accessory yet, times are changing and technology is continuing to evolve. Music is expanding with the help of VR and creating new and unique experiences as seen in the use of…

Music Videos

Music is a form of art and is often expressed through visuals. This is clear to see, from the millions of music videos produced or even visual albums that have been created over time, such as Beyoncés ‘Lemonade’ or Frank Oceans ‘Endless’. They managed to combine music, film and art all as one. This shows that there is potential within VR and visual music experiences in the future. Artists such as The Weekend and Avicii have produced videos for their music that has been designed specifically for VR, whilst Queen have been collaborating on reintroducing the iconic song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ as an experience through virtual reality.

Live Music

Concerts are filmed all the time; from the smartphones in the audience to professional cameras documenting the whole performance. VR seems to be the next logical step for recording the experience of live music and sharing with a larger audience. This allows fans to become a part of the show even if they are unable to be there in real life however, VR is only slowly progressing into this area of music. A few years ago, Coldplay worked with NextVR and Samsung to produce their performance in London as a VR experience, with the hope that viewers felt literally inside the performance, side by side with the band and crew.


Creating Music

The possibilities are endless with virtual reality technology and you can even create a whole studio and your own sound from your bedroom for $10. There are VR music applications, such as Sound Stage, that allows you to make music and encourages you to grow as your own artist. It’s pretty exciting and allows you to create a custom sound without having to pay out for expensive instruments and precious studio time…

These developments have all come about within the last few years so really the question is, where will virtual reality take us next?

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