7 Dream Destinations I Want To Visit In Europe


I love to travel and visit new and different places. Despite living in Europe, I haven’t seen much of it. During the endless hours I have spent scrolling through travel boards on Pintrest I began to collect different destinations I would like to visit in the near future…


Porto Portugal Old City


Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 08.43.18.png




Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset






Night city view of Amsterdam, the Netherlands


There are too many places I would love to see at some point – with my never-ending list that continues with Crete, Berlin, Bern, Cork and so many more!!


None of these images are mine but have inspired me to visit these beautiful places

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  1. It feels wonderful to open a post like this one and see your homecountry right on the top of the list. I’m from Portugal and it is indeed an amazing place to visit. Too bad that the economy there is broken and I had to move abroad. I have visited some of these places and I am soon visiting Croatia (In the end of May). As for Sweden and Iceland… I’m really looking forward for the day that I am visiting these! Hopefully in one or two years from now!

    Best regards and happy travels!

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