The Dream Camera Collection

Photography has become a real passion of mine and led me to spend all my free time photographing and recording everything I do. I have been looking to buy a new film camera and have fallen in love with so many old cameras and wanted to share my list of dream cameras…


Rollei Rolleiflex Automat Camera 



Zenit Film Camera  (1980 Moscow Olympics)



Nikon FA GOLD Film Camera



Canon AE-1



Minolta X-570/X-500



Polaroid Autofocus 660



Pentax Film Camera



Nikon FM3A


As for my personal favorites, I would have to go with the Rollei Rolleiflex or the Canon AE-1. If I have missed any cameras worthy of appearing on the list, let me know and comment your suggestions…


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  1. alrharris says:

    *and can operate in complete auto or complete manual mode.

  2. alrharris says:

    I’ve never understood the desire for a Canon AE-1 over the all black, Canon A-1. The A-1 has the capability for both aperture and shutter priority (the AE-1 only has shutter priority and not aperture priority) and can muleteer auto or complete manual modes. Can you tell me why you want the AE-1 but don’t mention the technically better A-1? Just curious.

    1. magpeyes says:

      I agree the Canon A-1 is an impressive yet overlooked camera and probably deserves to be on this list! Personally, I became interested in the AE-1 due to the Montréal or Moscow Olympics markings seen on some of the them; this design feature may seem a trivial thing to prioritise when selecting a camera however, I liked the fact it gave the camera a link into history along with highlighting the link to sports and the Olympics (both of which have played a fairly big part of my life).

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